5 Podcasts That Need To Be Played In Your Ear Right Now


Dear diary, Today I listened to an amazing podcast and I feel…

Dear diary,

Today I listened to an amazing podcast and I feel like it is my life’s mission to spread the podcast love.

Love, Chloe xoxo

Now that the context is set in place – you know why we are here. I love podcasts. New obsession and if this is compelling enough, it could be yours too. Here are the podcasts I have been listening to with my LED light on! If anyone has a good podcast suggestion, please send it my way. Don’t hold back.


PODCAST 1 – Serial – ‘The beginner’s podcast”

Yeah, so what if I am a few years late to the party with this one. I am dubbing it the ‘beginner’s podcast’.

Serial is an investigative journalist podcast hosted by Sarah Koening that tells the tale of Hae Min Lee, a popular girl that goes missing and is later found dead. Her boyfriend Adnan Syed is blamed for her murder. The podcast runs through the case and digs up evidence and the way the case was managed like some Sherlock Holmes business. By the end – you will be divided about who is guilty and internally torn about what you believe. Welcome to the world of ‘theories’, at which point you won’t be able to stop looking at forums and turning into an uber podcast nerd. NO apologies.


PODCAST 2 – Shameless “for smart women who secretly like dumb stuff”

Your weekly guilty pleasure – shameless is dubbed a podcast for “smart girls who secretly like dumb stuff”.

Basically, it’s a recap of the latest celebrity gossip, which we all secretly love – you know the stuff you read about in the doctor’s waiting room in the latest gossip magazine. However, the content then moves a little deeper, taking the latest topic and delving into a little philosophical conversation about the latest pop culture, social norms or behaviours. Behold, a podcast that taps into your playfulness and challenges you at the same time.


PODCAST 3 – Inspired – “The Triple J podcast”

A podcast for music lovers! Take a date with Linda Marigliano who talks to your favourite artists and finds out the true meaning behind their songs. For those of you who like singing the wrong words (me), some of the meanings might have you utterly stunned. Anyhow, a wonderful insight into the brain of a creative – who literally make the music for our ears, the songs for us to dance to, sing to and resonate with. A trip into their own heads and our own.


PODCAST 4 – Wrong skin –  “If you like murder podcasts – but also to learn about aboriginal culture”

That was the sales pitch my friend gave me before I listened to Wrong Skin and it worked. Wrong skin is about a relationship banned under the traditional law, a Romeo and Juliet its own kind. If you liked Serial, then this may be your cup of tea. Wrong Skin is an investigative journalist podcast, reviewing the events that led to the death of an Aboriginal mother in the Kimberly’s in 1994 and her boyfriend who at the same time went missing.


PODCAST 5 – You choose

Well, that’s not the name of a podcast, I’m literally saying, you should choose one. IF you start with the ‘beginners podcast’, you will quickly figure out if you like the podcast and better yet if you like the feeling of listening to podcasts in general. From here, you journey will begin into ‘podcast land’.

Happy listening and please do send in any suggestions you may have!

Mr Bright Smile xx




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