5 Ways To Naturally Balance Your Hormones


If you’re a bit of a crazy cat like me when it…

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If you’re a bit of a crazy cat like me when it comes to hormones then this stuff becomes pretty important. Hormones affect our lives greatly – pimples and hair to say the least. Without pumping your body full of tablets, natural fixes can be our saving grace.


1) Go see a Naturopath

Naturopaths are gems at helping you navigate this space. Many of times I visited the doctor and their resolution is nearly almost always the pill. The best advice I ever received was from a naturopath including hormone testing as well as eating and food guides to aid in controlling your hormones. It has been the most beneficial thing yet. I now know what foods work for my body as well as natural remedies to help.


2) Regular Exercise

Is this never not a suggestion? Exercise is key in regulating hormones and reducing insulin levels. NO surprise here.


3) Avoid Sugar and Carbs

These type of foods can increase insulin and encourage insulin resistance. This has all types of effects on hormones that can mimic the symptoms of polycystic ovaries. Focussing on a diet of proteins and good fats can help significantly with this.


4) Green Tea

The wonder liquid. Green tea can help metabolism and is filled with antioxidants. Studies show that it may even help with insulin resistance. Better yet, it is delicious and has numerous health benefits.


5) Manage Stress

Stress can cause an array of issues for the body. Cortisol is the hormone that is produced in response to stress. Back in the day when we were hunting and being hunted, it was incredibly helpful. But for the most part, it is triggered by stressful lifestyles. We can all be guilty of this! Excess cortisol has negative effects on the mind and body. Learn what helps you distress and learn to practice it!!


Hopefully, these tips help manage those mad hormones. They sure are a handful!

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