Food & Drinks That Are The Worst For Your Teeth


What really damages your teeth?  When I think of things that damage…

girl eating cupcake

What really damages your teeth?  When I think of things that damage my teeth, my mind immediately goes to my mum trying to stop me eating lollies “don’t eat any more or your teeth will fall out’. That and cola soft drink – not sure that anyone has ever directly told me it is bad for your teeth, or it has been subliminally drilled into me over life. ANYWAY – lets fact check this business.

For real, here is the stuff that causes damage to your teeth:



Serious, sad face. It’s delicious, sweet goodness but yep, it is bad for your teeth. Because they are packed with sugar and well, sugar is bad for your toothy pegs. Not to mention those chewy lollies – that pull and stick to your teeth (pretty much cementing the sugar to your teeth). Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?


Soft Drinks

The acid in soft drink virtually attacks your teeth enamel. Sounds vicious! Sadly, this is also true for the diet variants of soft drink. Further, the soft drink dries your mouth, which is really annoying because saliva helps to wash the nasties out. Further, dark coloured soft drinks like raspberry or cola can actually stain the colour of your teeth. So pretty much, it is a triple threat.


Citrus Fruit

Basically, the high acid content breaks down the enamel. Unlike soft drink, citrus fruit has other beneficial qualities – so should still be consumed. If drinking juice for breakfast, simple things like brushing your teeth after brekky will help to remove the acid from these fruits – such as lemons and oranges and their juice varieties.


Dried Fruit

Wish someone told me this one in high school, I smashed dried apricots like no body’s business. Dried fruit, albeit delicious, is heavy with sugar. And just like lollies – they are usually chewy. As such, they get stuck on your teeth and can be a breeding ground for bacteria (YUCK)!



Last, because I’m sad it is on the list. Red wine is, well, RED. So not hard to imagine that this may cause some staining issues, especially if you have ever spilled some on the carpet. Adding to the list is the acid level, which is also high. Finally, red wine like other alcohol can dry your mouth out, reducing your saliva and washing fewer baddies away. If you choose to ignore this final point about wine, we won’t judge.


Life is for living, so enjoy food and drink. Just remember to love your teeth too. We do 😉

Mr Bright xx


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