Have A Bright Christmas

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Want to light up like your Christmas tree ear-to-ear? Jokes. I mean,…

Want to light up like your Christmas tree ear-to-ear? Jokes. I mean, want white teeth this festive season? You have come to the right place. We got you.

Everyone knows festive season comes with all the good stuff – wine, dessert, sugary treats and family banter (the latter doesn’t make your teeth go yellowy but worth mentioning, think of us when your Uncle corners you to ask how your European holiday was five years ago).

Anywho, the joyous occasions of the festive season bring with it many festive occasions. Looking and feeling your best can grow challenging when you are action packed Monday through to Sunday.

But again, we got you. Fours words. Mr. Bright whitening PEN.

Quick maths – here are the obvious reasons why ‘Mr. Bright Whitening PEN’ is your quintessential bathroom necessity this festive season:


  1. It’s portable – yes, it’s a pen. So if you are travelling to visit family over the holidays, we can come with you (yay). In fact, it could even fit in your pocket – that small.
  2. It works fast – it only takes 30 seconds to apply and you get visibly whiter teeth in 10 minutes. To be honest I spend more time laying on my bed scrolling through instagram.
  3. It will last you – it lasts 4-6 weeks so you can use it for the entire festive season. Perrrrfeccct right?
  4. Our ingredients are awesome – only the best ingredients go into our teeth-whitening product. Because, we love you, like a Christmas pudding on Christmas day.
  5. It will make you look GLAMOROUS – yes, like the Fergie song. Our whitening pen works – our ingredeints help to whiten naturally, dissolve plaque, reduce tooth decay and alleviate dry mouth while soothing and moisturising.


Basically Merry Christmas from us to you. Our white pen has your BACK this festive season. And if you REALLY love one of your relatives – give it to them as a KK present 😉 We promise not to claim the credit for the idea either.


Happy festive season smiley friends 😀

Mr. Bright xx




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