Out Of The Box Ideas For A Visit To London Town


Visiting London? Live in London? If you haven’t been to these places…

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Visiting London? Live in London? If you haven’t been to these places well – what are you doing? I sat down with a London enthusiast, an avid adventurer and someone who knows how to make the most of life to find out the best things to do in London – that were a bit out of the box. You know.. not a cheesy photograph in a red telephone booth or pretending to hold Big Ben (guilty).


1. Waterloo Vaults (when there are events on)

Hidden deep below Waterloo station hides the Waterloo Vaults! Very Harry Potter-esque if you ask me! Home to the weird and wonderful the vaults are located in the disused railway arches under Waterloo station. The space encourages alternate arts – a place to rouse and clasp artists and individuals of all kinds. The extraordinary space and location is the perfect marriage for an assorted and marvelous mix of people and events. Check out their website for more info!  https://www.thevaults.london/about


2. Columbia Road Flower Market

Located on the East End of the City the Columbia Road Flower Market is everything you dreamed of as a child. The street is brought to life with flowers (in fact the website even boasts it has 10-foot banana trees). Surrounded by cute shops and cafes the market does not disappoint – at the very least you can grab a coffee with a wildly striking view.


3. Go see the Deers at Richmond Park

Bambi eat your heart out. The beautiful natural reserve in Richmond hosts 630 free roaming Fallow and Red deer. The deer have been enjoying the land since 1637 – so it is a relief to see us humans have not destroyed everything! Between May and July the babies are born – so if you like super cutsie things, then this is the time for you.


4. Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds

That’s right, ponds, not pools! What were once clay pits have now been transformed into swimming ponds. Surrounded by picturesque greenery, there are two single-sex ponds and one mixed bathing. Natural freshwater fills the ponds, providing the perfect excuse for a date with nature.


5. Eat at Sushi Samba

Ooooo Sushi samba. With various locations around the world, you can enjoy a blend of Brazilian, Japanese and Peruvian culture. The story has it that many moons ago, some Japanese folk migrated to South America to make their fortune in coffee plantations. Thereby, this eclectic mix of culture and delicious food was born. It would be rude not to try it, right?


Happy London’ing!

Mr Bright xx


Image Credit:

Adolfo Félix


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