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At Mr. Bright Smile we spent a lot of time getting a formula that…

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At Mr. Bright Smile we spent a lot of time getting a formula that was peroxide free. Wanna know why?

Hydrogen peroxide is a form of bleach that is frequently used in teeth whitening products. It is also used as an additive for laundry detergents and for cleaning wounds. Mr. Bright has specially formulated a product that does not use hydrogen peroxide as it can irritate sensitive teeth and gums in the following ways:

  • Teeth Sensitivity – hydrogen peroxide can cause teeth sensitivity especially if the concentration is too high. This can be particularly troublesome, post-teeth whitening when enjoying hot or cold foods. It may also cause pain during the course of whitening.
  • Inflammation – if hydrogen peroxide irritates the teeth and gums it can cause inflammation.
  • Infection – inflammation in the above area can lead to infection.


What Mr. Bright uses.

At Mr. Bright Smile we were determined to develop a whitening product that was safe, natural and user-friendly. Mr. Bright use the following whitening agents to achieve our results:

  • Glycerin – glycerin gets down and dirty, right in the enamel. It is great for penetrating the tooth with whitening agents and works fast to provide excellent results.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – good old baking soda is a natural whitener. And it works a miracle for teeth whitening. We love it. We love your teeth. It’s as simple as that.
  • Cranberry – yah it’s a brightly coloured fruit but it works as a whitening agent – cool hey? It helps attack the nasty plaque so the real ‘whiteners’ can come in and do their thang.


We love to keep our products as natural as possible so that people with sensitive teeth can enjoy teeth whitening too.

Happy Smiling.

Mr. Bright Smile 😀





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