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Three Melbourne events this September not to miss! Spring is here (what…

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Three Melbourne events this September not to miss!

Spring is here (what a relief because I was totally over winter)! Hello, good weather and the end of daylight savings. Hello, days that are no longer averaging below ten degrees. Hello, a range of exciting events that I look forward to every September! If you don’t know about the three events below, feast your eyes below…


Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival is truly unique! It takes place in a range of locations – skate parks, theatres, libraries, alleyways and even living rooms (told you it was unique). The festival turns Melbourne on its head – adopting any location as a potential venue and bringing new ideas, performers and arts of all kind to the forefront. The festival runs for two and a half weeks from the 13thof Sep to 30thSeptember, offering something for everyone! When I say everything I mean – cabaret, comedy, Dance, music, visual Art and even Circus. Venue locations range from Fed Square, Lido Cinemas, Queen Vic Market and Prahran Skate Park. If you like opening your mind to creativity, culture and new experiences then I would highly recommend the Melbourne Fringe Festival.


Royal Melbourne Show

Frankly, you haven’t been a child growing up in Melbourne if you haven’t come home with an overpriced show bag and ride at the Melbourne Show. As a child, the Freddo Frog bags were my favourite. My mum was obsessed with the Bertie Beatle show bag because back then it was the only place still selling them! Nostalgia! That being said, the show has something for everyone. There are sheep shearing competitions, animal breeding contests and horse competitions. There are tractors on display and of course, let’s not forget the horror train with scary people jumping out at you. If you haven’t been – then you must. It’s a true ‘ right of passage’ for living in Melbourne.


AFL Grand Final

Last and certainly not least the AFL Grand Final. You would have to of been asleep your whole life if you don’t know about this one. We even have a public holiday for it now! The most fun thing to do (besides going to the Grand Final) is watching the game with a big group of friends. This is especially good if your team is in the final and especially if they are the winning team. Highly recommend playing games based on certain things happening in the game to create a fun atmosphere. Last year when Richmond one, the main street turned into a giant party! It truly is the heart of Melbourne!


Smiley September to all our Mr Bright friends. We hope you enjoy this warmer weather, the brighter days and the festivities that Spring has to offer!


Mr Bright xx




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