The best ways to celebrate New Years around the world


“New years eve is a let down” – said every person who…

“New years eve is a let down” – said every person who never found something good to do for new years. Some of the best parties and events will be held to bring in the New Year.


  1. Melbourne – day parties and festivals are in abundance. There is something for everyone – muddy festivals with indie music or up-market day parties with cruisy house music. There is something for everyone. Fireworks light up the city skyline so if you feel like being a bit of a nanna, it’s as easy as securing yourself a spot with a view. Falls Festival is a popular one and there are always day parties scattered around St Kilda. Round up some friends and you are bound to catch the contagious spirit of bringing in the New Year.
  2. House party, anywhere in the world – this is universal. Chances are most of your friends are on break over the New Year. Is there ever a better time to get all your friends together for a party? I think not. Better yet, the playlist and the crowd are your choices.
  3. Rio de Janeiro – well it’s Brazil, so amazing at any time of the year. On New Year’s Eve, people take to the beaches to picnic and then strip down into their birthday suits for a skinny dip in the ocean. Let’s not forget it is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, so the parties, people and colour are unforgettable.
  4. Madrid – no one parties quite like the Spaniard’s. From parties spilling out on the street, exclusive ticketed parties and quirky traditions – fun is in abundance. Join in the tradition of eating 12 grapes for each stroke of midnight (not the wine variant, actual grapes). Legend has it, that the guzzling of 12 grapes will bring you a prosperous year and scare off any evil spirits. A good enough excuse to eat grapes anyway!
  5. London – trafalgar square is a site for sore eyes on New Year’s Eve. Big Ben looms in the distance and fireworks splash the night sky. The cities icons provide an unforgettable landscape. Nightclubs and parties can be found in abundance. The cities culture bursts.
  6. Anywhere, really – traveling to a new city to bring in the New Year will expose you to a range of new cultures, traditions, and vibrancies. There is really no excuse to be bored on New Year’s Eve. And if you can’t afford to travel a house party with your closest friends is in your back pocket.

Smile bright this new year! We know just the guy for the job.

Mr. Bright xx




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