Top tips to keep you healthy this festive season

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December aka the month of entrée, main AND dessert, with a minimum…

December aka the month of entrée, main AND dessert, with a minimum of three extra serves if you eat anything like me on Christmas day. IN fact, my deciding mechanism for dessert on Christmas day is “I’ll have a small bit of everything”. Overindulging and December goes together like Ernie and Bert. And if you live in a country like Australia it’s also hot during the festive season – which means you are forced into a bikini looking absolutely FLABulous from the three extra plates you ate at the last five dinners. Anyhow, shout out to our friends in the cooler regions enjoying a white Christmas and indulging in layers of clothing. Well, whatever actually – embrace your curves and what not. These are tips based purely on helping you feel good (and if that means overindulging this month then don’t worry I’m there with you).


  1. Don’t go to the party hungry – going to an end of year work break up that is going to be serving junky food? Have something healthy at home before you go so you aren’t trying to fill up on unhealthy bites. It’s like the old rule of not going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Bound to make bad choices. Satisfy your hunger before the party so when you get there you can forage amongst the things you really want (like cocktail frankfurts).
  2. Focus on protein and veggie meals – eating out is part and parcel with December. Don’t stop enjoying the month and catching up with friends. Wise choices, however, will get you a long way – try choosing lean meats or fish with serves of veggies!
  3. Keep up the water – SO many reasons why. First, it’s water, you have to drink it every other month. Also, if you are drinking more alcohol than usual – it could be your saviour. And if you are feeling good and hydrated you are probably less likely to binge on sugary food and drink.
  4. Avoid being hung-over – more drinking than usual = more hangovers than usual. Unless you are wise like we are suggesting. If you are anything like me when you are hungover, there is nothing standing between you and three Uber eats deliveries in one day. Not great for the physique, I’ll admit. But if you take it easy then you may be able to reduce the incidence of binge eating junk and fried hash browns to survive the day.
  5. Know yourself – if you ‘peck’ when you stand near the food table, be sure to stand far away from it. If you are a chronic chocolate eater (ahem, me) maybe word up a friend to slap your hand. Just joking but know yourself.
  6. Try keep your routine – if you are a gym person then try keeping the routine up. For instance – if you are going out one balmy week night in December then set yourself a curfew so that you can still function the next day and do your usual spin class or whatever it is you do.


Happy end of year friends and happy December! Enjoy the month of friends, family and festivities.

Mr. Bright xx




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