Why I Love Mr Bright’s Activated Charcoal Kit


First things first – the thought of rubbing black stuff all over…

Charcoal kit

First things first – the thought of rubbing black stuff all over my teeth is kind of exciting. Feels so wrong but so so right. Am I Cinderella?  Probably not but who’s judging.

Second – the need for teeth whitening was paramount. I am a twice-daily coffee drinker and that definitely takes it’s toll – amongst other guilty pleasures. I used a kit from the dentist back in the day for my brother’s wedding that made my teeth SO sensitive I actually cried, (not even being over the top).  So really, before I started I was looking for something that DID NOT HURT.


What the kit comes with:

3 x Whitening Gels (to do the magic)

1 x Led Light (to activate the magic)

1 x Mouth Guard (to put the magic in)

1 x Instruction Manual (lost for analogies – your magic wand to cast the magic?)


What the kit promises:

  • Remove stains from the surface of your teeth (like the ones from coffee and wine you cheeky things)
  • Remove toxins from your gums (unless you are a pure angel – you have them too)
  • An effective charcoal teeth whitening formula (just what I was looking for)…


Shock Factor

The whitening gels were not white… they are black. It feels fun because it’s counterintuitive. That putting black stuff on your teeth ACTUALLY makes them white. I was already having fun and the main show hadn’t even started… it’s the little things right?!!



NO! After my first experience with teeth whitening I was scared off using something again but after being reassured this was pain-free I was willing to give it a try! Safe to say, they delivered on the promise and I would not hesitate to use this again on my sensitive tooth pegs.


The ultimate result.

I am happy to say my teeth are whiter from the kit.  My teeth had started to look noticeably more yellow and I had been avoiding teeth whitening kits. I am very pleased that my teeth are now whiter, especially at the base of my teeth where the colour was worst. Would highly recommend trying, especially as the kit is so affordable – which was another noticeable difference to the take-home kit I purchased at the dentist!

Mr Bright xx




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