Why The Polite Breakup In Pop Culture Is Giving Me The Sads


The polite breakup is trending in pop culture and to be honest…

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The polite breakup is trending in pop culture and to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about that. In particular ex -bachie contestants and their cousins, the Love Island crew. The politically correct element of my brain thinks it’s wonderful they are being so diplomatic and friendly but the dark part that screams, “give me the gossip” wants to know the dirty secrets! After all, we did watch you fall in love on TV – I want to know why you fell out of love. Are you also guilty of this?


Tipping point No 1 – Keira & Jarrod from the Bachie

I was downright rejoicing when Keira and Jarrod got together! Or Kirry and Jarry” as they are more lovingly known in my house. After a few hits and miss shots at love in Bachelor in Paradise, they finally declared their love in a commitment ceremony on the final episode. Keira even moved to Melbourne, in with her husband to be (well at least I hoped). Last week my world was rocked when Keira announced via Insty that her and Jarrod were over but ‘lovingly parting and wishing each other all the best’. OMG – painful, I want to know why. Need to know. I was invested in this. The polite break up is a THING and I’m not digging it.


Tipping point No 2- Meghan and Jake (also from Bachie)

Who could help but fall head over heels for Meghan and Jake? After Meghan left Richie’s episode of the Bachelor and ended up with fellow contestant Tiffany – she had our attention. Concurrently, Jake was kicked off Georgia Love’s season of the Bachelorette – running into the arms of Flo (from Matty J’s season) for a little rendezvous. Put them all in Bachie in paradise together and we had full-blown meltdowns from Flo – who Jake had ditched for Meghan. Drama. After Jake and Meghan left the show together to pursue their relationship – no one believed they would stay together on the outside – but they proved us wrong! Their Insty love was so cute and after a public meltdown at Splendour in the Grass, they broke up, publicly reconciled on an Insty post and then publicly broke up again on Insty only a couple of weeks later. Again the two said ‘they still loved one another’ and wish each other ‘all the best’ and ‘hope to rekindle their romance sometime in the future’.


WHAT THE. IF THINGS ARE SO PEACHY… WHY AREN’T YOU STILL TOGETHER?… The dirty secrets or lack thereof has me thirsty for gossip (and I swear I’m not like that, I’m just, invested).


Tipping point No 3- Erin & Eden (Love Island):

So after doing my fortnightly troll of the Love Island crew – I came across Eden’s page and realised his last photo with ERIN WAS A BREAKUP POST!! Another happy post – full of kind words, loving words in fact. Reason for the breakup?  UNKNOWN – apparently they still think each other are the cat’s pyjamas. I have trolled a range of trashy news outlets for answers and have come out the other end with nothing! Except, love and praise. Everyone knows if you meet someone who is the bee’s knee’s you don’t let them go! Spare me, guys.


The exception – Grant Crapp and Taylah (Love Island):

They were the winners of Love Island. Grant denied having a girlfriend outside the house, declaring he was absolutely in love with Taylah. But truth be told – as soon as they were out of the house, the ‘other woman’ was waiting for Grant. Absolutely scandalous and yes, I felt awful for Taylah and the ‘other girl’ who had to watch her boyfriend doing the doonah dance on national television. So despite feeling very empathetic for all parties involved, I still thrived on the drama. What does that say about me as a human? I don’t know and frankly, if the answer was bad I’d still want the goss on all the above.


Call me a bad person. Or just call it good television. I am hooked. I am invested. I am the “Dupree” in “You, me and Dupree” and when the crew breakup I need answers. The data on my phone literally can’t handle me trolling the internet for them. So please, if you enter a dating show, do us a solid – if you fall out of love tell us why. You don’t have to tear the other person down but I need answers.


Cheers to reality TV stars!

Mr Bright xx


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