Why You Should Listen To The “Dirty John” Podcast


Stop what you are doing. Go to the podcast app. Look for…

Dirty John podcast

Stop what you are doing. Go to the podcast app. Look for Dirty John. Press Play. If you haven’t heard about Dirty John yet – Where. Have. You. Been. Living?

Dirty John is the real crime podcast based on the true story of charming sociopath/con-artist, John Meehan. Debra Newell is his victim of choice. A highflying businesswoman from Newport Beach who is single and rich, the ultimate target for a handsome and homeless con artist.

The charismatic John gets his grasp on Debra – scaring away her family with his little glimmers of lies and manipulation. They eventually investigate John and my. oh. my. does. the. story. get. good. from. here. Now, I don’t want to spoil it for you (because you really should hear this for yourself – it’s so good).


Need convincing? Here are a few reasons why you have to listen!

  • It’s a thriller – the suspense builds and escalates to a place that you would not expect it to get. Debra’s daughters are awesome at protecting their mum and they do a great job of sniffing out a rat.
  • It’s a real story – this actually happened. That means there is a heap of googling and online stalking you can go into the real characters, once you inevitably get super into it. Debra and one of her daughters are very public facing so there is plenty of information to glean.
  • Eye-Opening – A good lesson in ‘this could really happen to anyone’. Debra and her family are so normal and yet they suffer such terrible abuse and horror. It’s a good lesson in how tricky abusive relationships are and a subtle reminder to us all to be empathetic to these situations.
  • There’s a Netflix series – THERE’S A NETFLIX SERIES. Worth repeating in capitals. But DO NOT watch before you listen to the podcast. The podcast interviews the real people and is an investigative drama. Watch the Netflix series once you are rightfully hooked.
  • Erica Bana – You heard me, Eric Bana. Good ol’ Eric plays John in the Netflix series. If that’s not a reason to pick up your phone and start listening I don’t know what is.



See you on the other side of your podcast!

Mr. Bright Smile x




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